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“Limp Mode”

released 6/17/2021

limp mode, it’s a real issue that affects a lot of people and for some reason everyone is picking on Bill after he experienced it over the weekend.

also, we are joined by the other half of the cosplay ladies, the most positive and upbeat person alive, Emmy, and she catches us up on what she’s been doing and shares a hell of a story about the things she’s gone through in the past year

plus, where the hell are JR & Mick, a game of family feud, giant beavers, Chrissy explains KISS, the odds of getting hit by lightning, blame the pork, naked on the beach and more.


We’re going back to the Con!


join us on 8/29/2021. check out all the details here.

Question of the week

Shitass of the week

even with JR & Mick pulling a no call/no show this week things still end up being flipped around and Bill ends up as SHITASS of the week the worst part is that the nomination came from Emmy… that has to hurt

Music you should check out

Kiss – I Was Made For Lovin’ You

well, “Hot Aunt Chrissy” has done it again on this weeks show. she flawlessly tells us about “Jean Simons” and his Rock n’ Roll band, KISS. so, this weeks music has to be one of her favorite KISS songs.

Featured Toy/Collectable

more KISS stuff from Mick

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News story of the week

Lightning strikes Naples man’s car on I-75

Las Vegas woman breaks watermelon crushing world record

now we need to see if anyone on the show can crush one.

Naked in the Cockpit – pilot undressed, watch porn & had fun while in the air

Married man ‘horrified’ as he wakes up to drunk woman performing sex act on him

women hit in face with 10 pount meat log

Drunk Florida woman arrested for offering drunken lap dances to strangers and asking police officers if they wanted to ‘bang’ on the sidewalk

Man retires from Pornhub with touching post

pure comedy

if you lived in Cape Coral FL in the 90’s you remember “Elvis” this man would dance around in his driveway all the time dressed as Elvis. well, apparently some kids were brave enough to try and talk with him and even went inside his house.

Friends (yeah, i know its an old show but it’s still funny as hell)

Nate Bargatze: The Greatest Average American

John Caparulo

check out this exchange between Mick & Bill

The Winners Circle

we are all pretty competitive on the show, we play a lot of trivia and games to see who is the best. here are you current best

The Unsupervised Podcast Champion


the championship is can be on the line for any of our games or competitions like, Shitass Trivia, True not so true, Shitass Jeopardy, Dumbass feud or whatever game the game god comes up with.

total championship wins so far this year

Chrissy – 8 , Bill – 4 , JR – 1 , Mick – 0

The Most Talented Member Of The Show


Mick performed a deadly stunt on our special talent show Livestream and was voted by his fellow cohosts as well as the listeners as the Most Talented on the show.

you can check out the full livestream here

Penis/No Penis Trivia Champ


America’s favorite game!

created by A A Ron as a way to test Bill, Mick & JR on their knowledge of anime.

the object of the game is to guess if random anime characters have a penis or not. seems simple right? well it’s not, unless you are Mick and you can spot a penis from miles away.