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“Butter Blast”

released 5/6/2021

hanging out for movie night, enjoying the weather and some butter blast popcorn seems like innocent fun to most people but Mick thinks it was all just a cover story to conspire against him & JR. 

plus we play a game of Shitass Jeopardy, is that poo? who is the most talented on the show? he only has one arm, Chrissy vs the police, Spanish lesson in honor of Cinco de Mayo, Mick explains how planes work, is it ok to spank your kids, shitass of the week rap song & so much more. 

the most talented member of the show is…

check out this weeks show and find out who was voted the most talented

Question of the week

Music you should check out


this weeks pick comes from Chrissy, it’s a fun catchy song that has something to do with Anime

Featured Toy/Collectable

Doctor Who Funko Pops

Bill lets his nerd flag fly when it comes to Doctor Who. Here’s just a few of Bill’s Doctor Who toys, there are many, his obsession is so bad he painted a wall in his house “Tardis Blue”

The Unsupervised Champion


total wins so far this year

Chrissy – 7

Bill – 3

JR – 1

Mick – 0

The Penis/No Penis Trivia Champ


America’s favorite game where we have to guess the sex of Anime characters.

The Most Talented Member of the show

Based on votes from our livestream talent show on 4/27/21

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Shitass of the week

Each week we will crown a new shitass, it can be someone from the show, someone in the news/current events or if you want to nominate a pain in the ass friend or family member contact us. and tell us why they are a true shitass.

well, this is a first, a four way tie for SHITASS of the week all because someone feels like there is a conspiracy against them that involves movie night and some butter blast popcorn.

photos from our birthday livestream

News story of the week

Drunk Florida woman arrested for offering drunken lap dances to strangers and asking police officers if they wanted to ‘bang’ on the sidewalk

Woman promising ‘witchcraft services’

Man retires from Pornhub with touching post

pure comedy

Mick was a little nervous before his exam

Nate Bargatze: The Greatest Average American

It’s Always sunny

John Caparulo

the history of swear words

Mick, a true professional

check out this exchange between Mick & Bill