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“in this economy”

released 6/30/22

here to make you laugh while the world burns.

its rare but sometimes we talk about real stuff and this week we took a vote and decided the biggest SHITASS of the week is the dumb asses on the supreme court.

plus a game of guess the price of the Craigslist items makes us realize prices are high for everything in this economy, JR’s bad luck week continues, a look at really dumb laws, airdrop the D, is that bacon i smell, he really hates mayo and so much more.

take a break and laugh with us.

Question of the week

Shitass of the week

Fuck these clowns

Music you should check out

The Nixons “Kaleidoscope”

Featured Toy/Collectable

Brand new from Target comes the 60’s Batman villain, Penguin

FUN FACT – The Penguin is Micks second favorite villain to the Joker

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Featured News Stories

Pinellas County mother chased children with knives during sleep over

Florida man and woman seriously injured after crashing during sex act

this story led to so many questions. note the man laying in the road with his pants around his ankles

Florida woman at McDonald’s flips out over wrong order, calls 911, twerks

Woman says getting arrested was ‘on her bucket list since high school,

Woman allegedly decapitated lover while high during sex, hid body parts

Flock of birds suddenly fall from the sky in Mexico

Former Philadelphia teacher charged with sexually assaulting student

Mugshot of wanted convicted burglar in the UK goes viral

Largo man angered by noise shot at tree trimmer in cherry picker

“Future Mick”

a couple that road rages together stays together

News from 2021

Substitute teacher arrested after allegedly having sex with student on Snapchat

Woman breaks sink in bar bathroom during ‘intimate’ encounter, Flordia affidavit says

Bomb squad rushes to hospital after WWII-era shell found in man’s rectum

Woman reportedly caught breastfeeding cat on Delta Airlines flight

Woman ‘miraculously’ survives with minor injuries after car crushed by semi

shocking moment lead singer urinates on fan’s face during gig

Florida Mom Says She’s Been Banned from Volunteering at Kids’ School Because She’s on OnlyFans

Man tries to rob Waffle House with… Finger Guns

Woman nearly dies after 8-hour wedgie from high-waisted shorts

Customer finds naked woman in back seat of Jeep at Florida car dealership

Naked Woman Driving Golf Cart Interrupts Tense Standoff

Florida woman accused of exposing herself on flight

She has the world’s largest mouth! – Guinness World Records

Florida woman arrested after skinny-dipping in man’s pool

pure comedy

The Crazy Hot Matrix

A magical time at the zoo

The Worst Thing to Say at a Party – Pete Holmes

Nate Bargatze: The Greatest Average American

The Winners Circle

we are all pretty competitive on the show, we play a lot of trivia and games to see who is the best. here are you current best

The Unsupervised Podcast Champion

Chrissy the Destroyer

all is right with the world again… the champ is back!!!

the championship can be on the line for any of our games or competitions like, Shitass Trivia, True not so true, Shitass Jeopardy, Dumbass feud or whatever game we decide to play.

total championship wins so far this year

Chrissy – 3, Bill – 0, JR – 1, Mick – 1

The Most Talented Member Of The Show


Mick performed a deadly stunt on our special talent show Livestream and was voted by his fellow cohosts as well as the listeners as the Most Talented on the show.

you can check out the full livestream here

Penis/No Penis Trivia Champ


it was a hell of a battle, Bill won for just a few short minutes and then JR came in with the win even though he really didn’t seem too proud of the win we all know he’s happy he finally holds a championship on the show.

America’s favorite game!

created by A A Ron as a way to test Bill, Mick & JR on their knowledge of anime.

the object of the game is to guess if random anime characters have a penis or not. seems simple right? well it’s not, unless you are Mick and you can spot a penis from miles away.