“a sense of humor is critical to your survival. Sure, you need food, water, shelter & other stuff like that – but a sense of humor is what holds your shit together when life is being a motherfucker.”

= unkown

the unsupervised podcast

we are a weekly comedy/talk podcast. similar style to morning talk radio. each week we offer a distraction from all of the stress, we’re gonna make you laugh, entertain you and you might even learn a thing or two.

the show began in 2017 after some issues and fights we finally found the perfect lineup.

Bill – likes to think of himself as the QB of the show but he’s really just the shitass of the show. Bill tends to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and sometimes over shares.

Mick – aka the most negative man alive. is the oldest member of the show, loves metal and hates most things except for pandas, he loves pandas. Mick comes up with some of the oddest questions and crazy stories. he also loves his bidet.

Chrissy – aka the Destroyer, is the drinker, she has no filter and says what ever the hell comes to her mind. she is also insanely smart, a legit scientist and always wins any time we play trivia. she can out burp most men.

JR – aka taco brown, is the tech guy, he runs the sound, loves his money and is a hell of a DJ. he never really does good in trivia games but he still smiles as he heads home to dive into his pit of money.

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